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Mercy Alternative Health

Psoriasis Research/Documentation

P.O. Box 486,Soap Lake, WA 98851

Alternative Natural Resources • Mercy Healing Center

Mercy Alternative Health located in Soap Lake, WA

Mercy Apostol Psoriasis Research/Documentation Center

located in Soap Lake, Eastern Washington

Nestled in the heart of central Washington, surrounded by beautiful desert countryside, velvet hills, blue skies and fresh, clean air is the little town of Soap Lake.

Geographically, it is approximately six miles northeast

of Ephrata and 22 miles northwest of Moses Lake at the intersections of State Hwy 17 and 28. It is a very small and quiet town which provides the perfect respite for healing and relaxation.

Mineral Content of the Lake

Soap Lake is the last in the chain of lakes running down the Coulee Corridor along State Hwy 17. Of the five lakes that comprise the Coulee Corridor, Soap Lake has the highest mineral content. Soap Lake is unique in that it is one of only eleven meromictic lakes in the United States.

The first layer of Soap Lake is made up of about 81 feet of mineral water; the second level is mud-like and consists of a stronger mineral composition with concentrations of unusual substances and microscopic life forms. The lake's two layers have not mixed in thousands of years. The scientific community refers to lakes with this rare condition as meromictic.

With only eleven meromictic lakes in the US, Soap Lake is likely the most radical of all. The scientific community is currently exploring the lake to document some of the unusual qualities. The mineral content of Soap Lake water has been analyzed many times throughout the last 95 years. concentration of different minerals has changed throughout this time, The most reent analysis was conducted in 2000. (Wikipedia-Soap Lake, WA

Mineral - Milligrams/Liter

Sodium - 5760

Bicarbonate - 2480

Sulfate - 2540

Carbonate - 3840

Chloride - 2290

Potassium - 504

Organic Nitrogen - 0.9

Fluoride - 7.2

Ortho-Phosphate - 6.3

Nitrate - 0.7

Calcium - 2.5

Magnesium - 2.9

Less than 0.01mg/l of aluminum, iron,copper,rubidium, lithium, strontium, barium,chromium, lead, manganese, titanium, vanadium, and boron.

"The mineral-rich waters of Soap Lake have long been thought to have medicinal value. In fact, it is said that rival Indian tribes would call a truce when they came to Soap Lake to relax and heal themselves and their animals. This is verified by recorded history and the number of Indian artifacts found in the area over the years. Washington State tourist guides in the 1920's referred to Soap Lake as the world's greatest mineral sea, and people afflicted with Buerger's disease found that bathing in the lake would cure their illnesses" (Wikipedia-Soap Lake, WA)

Early visitors to Soap Lake came from all over the United States and even countries abroad to soak in the lake and find help in the local sanitariums and bath houses. In 1938, the government realized the value of Soap Lake mineral water for the healing of Buerger's disease and funded McKay Hospital to be built in the little desert town as a resource to help bring relief to the returning veterans of war suffering from the disease.

Today Soap Lake is visited by many people seeking relief from their psoriasis, eczema and other skin disorders as well as the many forms of arthritis. The alkaline quality of the lake is said to bring soothing relief and healing to these diseases when other avenues of healing have failed. Others seek the healing water for relaxation and rejuvenation or as a helath retreat. On any given day, in the warmth of the summer sun, you will see people on the beach covered in the mineral rich mud of the lake of a quality which rivals any health spa in the world.


The climate in Soap Lake is fairly mild receiving approximately 8 inches of rain per year. Winter temperatures will range from lows of 20-30 degrees and with highs around 40-58. The average snowfall is around 19 inches. The area boasts of approximately 191 sunny days per year with the months of July and August being your warmest, ranging from 85 - 105 degrees. While the summer months are wonderful for enjoying the coolness of the lake and hanging out in the sun, you will find that spring and fall are very mild, peaceful and restorative for your health.


The lodging possibilities at Soap Lake vary. There are campsites for tents and RV's, cabins, motel rooms based on a western theme and a beautifully appointed Inn.

Notaras Lodge: (Mineral water in rooms)

The Inn at Soap Lake: (Mineral water in rooms)

Masters Inn & Retreat:

Smokiam City Campground:

Soap Lake RV Resort:


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